Trip to Washington D.C

The 5th and 6th grade took a school trip to Washington D.C!!

Day 1 and Day 2 adventures

We started our day off with having to be at school at 5:30 AM, but leaving at 6:00 AM. The bus ride was 14 hours long to get there, lucky we got to stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We stopped at mostly McDonald's. On the trip to Washington we stopped by the National Museum of Marine Corps. I got to see the giant thingy that my grandpa helped steal in the Vietnam War. He actually new the captain and took a picture of him on it after they stole it. Also went to see the World War ll memorial. It was very sad to see all the lives took. Last we went to the US Air Force Memorial which was amazingly build! Day 2 we basically ate breakfast at 7:00 and left at 7:45. The hotel was relatively nice, it had a pool and a breakfast buffet. We drove the US capitol building (lots of security), it was very busy and had lots of cool statues! We got to see the congress place, and a giant fresco! We also visited the air and space museum and saw a space monkey model. Then we went the Newseum which was awesome seeing past news and story that have happened like the Berlin Wall! National Archives was pretty cool too, they were all heavily guarded. Last we visited the Lincoln memorial, my hair frizzed up because of the lightning storm! We wen't to an Italian place for dinner, there were some interesting statues and pictures....... overall an amazing day!!!!

Day 3,4, and 5

First thing we went to start off our day is the Supreme Court Building, it was interesting to see the past Justices, some didn't even go to college! next we went to the Embassy of Denmark which was amazing to learn about Denmark which is way different then the US! Fords theater came next and was fascinating to know how President Lincoln was assassinated and where he was. After that we went to the world war ll memorial where you can find Kilroy and over 4,00 gold stars. Also we saw Hilary Clinton's House! We went to an amazing buffet and we could not stop laughing at our table!!!! Day 4 we went to the National Cathedral, most amazing place I have ever been! It had amazing stain glass and sculptures! We also went to the 2 Smithsonian museums, which had bunches of facts everywhere you went, including we saw an Easter Island Sculpture. We also went to the Arlington National Cemetery, and saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which was really cool! We went to the MLK jr. Memorial and the Tomas Jefferson Memorial which were both amazing and represented something in the architecture. We also took selfies at the White House to top it all off. We went to a buffet with Ice's and we all wen't crazy and laughed! That night we played Marco Polo in the pool which was so much fun! Day 5 we drove back home and visited Mt. Vernon, I was grouped with Sawyer and veronica which was tons of fun! Driving back home we ate candy and played truth or dare and had the best time ever with each other, I will never forget it!
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