Dietary guidelines

What's behind the dietary guidelines

BY: Cheyenne Robinson, Clay Turner Group: 4

Foods and nutrients to increase:

  • increase vegetables and fruit intake
  • eat variety of vegetables
  • intake variety of fat-free or low-fat milk products
  • choose variety of protein
  • increase amount of seafood

ANSWER: seafood contributes a range of nutrients. moderate evidence shows that consumption of 8 ounces per week is associated with reduced cardiac deaths.

use oils to replace solid fats where possible

  • Americans consume more solid fats but less oil than desirable
  • Oils are a concentrated source of calories
  • Americans should replace solid fats

Replace protein foods that are higher in solid fats with choices that are lower in solid fats, calories, and oils

  • oils contribute essential fatty acids
  • vitamin E
  • replacing some saturated fatty acids (solid)
  • unsaturated fatty acids (oils)
  • lowers both total and low-density