Haiti Art Show

Reception for St. Patrick's Community

Come Enjoy!

Please join us for the 24th annual Haiti Art Show. A portion of the proceeds benefit the St. Patrick's Haiti Outreach Fund. Parents and children are welcome!

Haitians embrace many forms of the arts, but its paintings especially speak a language of spirit that is born of adversity yet rooted in an affirmation of faith and hope for the future. St. Patrick’s has been a partner with the people of St. Etienne for over two decades. Our futures are bound together. This art show portrays the history, the people, the countryside, and the fabric of Haitian life and in so doing, these works are a source of inspiration. This art show provides a unique opportunity to purchase this incredibly fine artwork and help our partnership program.

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Haiti Art Show

Thursday, March 6th, 5-8pm

4700 Whitehaven Pkwy NW

Washington, DC

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