He is a Legend, She is a Prodigy, Who will be Champion?

This book is created by Marie Lu

Pg. Numbers: 369

Why to Read?

Champion is a thrilling and action-packed book. However, if you want Champion to make sense you should read Legend, and Prodigy. Champion is viewed as a favorable book. This book is a favorite to ME! So, I strongly encourage you to read my book as these 3 thrilling books are a must-read! Don't forget this book is an adventure-packed book with an ending that makes you scream for joy.


This story takes place in the future where the United States is separated into two countries and is also in Daniel's and June's point of view. The two main characters are Daniel "Day" and June. Daniel is a legend in the Republic, one of the landmasses originating from the United States, while June is the prodigy. The Republic has been perfect ever since they signed a Peace Treaty with the Colonies. The Colonies is the other landmass that borders the Republic. However, the Colonies threaten war with a new military superpower when a plague threatens to decrease the population, saying the Republic has sent a pandemic outbreak over to the Colonies. When the Republic tries to find the cure, the only conclusion is to test on Daniel's brother Eden. Likewise, Daniel will not accept the proposal for his brother. Then the Republic sends Daniel the key to his weak spot, June. This story is in Daniel "Day" and June's point of view and is told in first person


The theme of Champion is very resistance type. This book is also dystopian-like. These problems in the book is very important to me because I see that the main characters go through a lot of hard decisions and I just take the decision solving and use it in real life. The message about life in this story is that everyone goes through hard decisions about life. However, people don't mope around and get stuck on the problem, they keep going and that is what strives people to save a country from it's other counterpart. This theme of the book is special because it has great lessons about life mixed in with the problems in the book. For example, June tries to stop and save the Republic. However, she finds out that she can't save everybody and she needs to let go. The theme in Champion is about loyalty, and dreams as Day and June race to help the Republic.