Europeans Migrate to The U.S.A

Nick Astrab

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The reasons

There are many reasons we are seeing an increase of the European immigration rate increasing. Many small farmers are having difficulties creating a successful farm. Merchants are also having trouble making a living. Right now in Europe they are in an industrial revolution where machines are replacing people on many tasks. Making some goods easier to come by. This puts Artisans out of business because they usually sell more valuable items that cost more. Another reasons we are seeing an increase of European immigration rate is because many are fleeing Europe in hopes to find Religious freedom. Not all religions are respected their and they hope that they can practice in America while being safe and respected. Many commoners move to the United States because over here we have a large opportunity to become economically secure. There is also abundant land for sale so many farms can be created.

German and Scandinavian Immigration

Due to the plentiful amounts of land available in the United states right now, the government is selling land at 1.25/acre. This alone is almost inviting many foreigners to come to America. And it's working. The Swedes are starting to move to America in hope of starting a successful farm. The Swedish government did not want them to leave, but due to their poverty and bad economy, just recently started allowing it again.

Then there is the Germans. Similar to the Swedes, Germans want to start farms on cheap American soil. They are making the journey to Wisconsin and Minnesota because it has similar soil to theirs in Germany. Germans are also starting to use their skills from Germany and applying it in America. We are seeing a rise in Germany bakers, butchers, carpenters, printers, shoemakers, and tailors. The Germans are a strong working force that are helping the United States grow.

Irish Immigration

In Ireland they are facing many Religious inequalities. Catholics can not vote, hold office, own land, or go to school. This is causing much anger in Ireland and is leading to a large number of immigrants coming to America seeking religious freedom.

Another huge event that recently happened in Ireland was know as the Irish Potato Famine. This event is going on right now and is killing many. Before the famine, potatoes where Ireland main source of food. When something infected the potatoes and made them deadly to eat the country started suffering. About 1 million people have already died from the famine and there are probably going to be more. Many people are fleeing Ireland in hopes of finding America with a stable amount of food.

On the down side the Irish are arriving the United states with little to no money. They are now working back breaking work in order to make a living. Politicians are seeing the problems are just recently stated creating facilities to help new immigrants get started in the United states.

Cities after immigration

After the Germans Swedes and Irish came to America, cities became overcrowded. Before the massive population boost New York's population was only 60,000. After the population boost about 200,000 people lived in New York city. Many cities now are facing problems with sewage overflowing. This was spreading disease uncontrollably. Many people also had to live in small apartments because they could not afford much more. These apartments were very small and have little to no sunlight available. Lucky f

American Opposition to the Immigration

Although many are happy to see the new-comers to the land there are also many who are unhappy. Native-born Americans are not enjoying the immigrants because some believe that they are taking Native-born american jobs. Native-born Americans feared that the foreigners would overpower the natives and would cause distress in cities.

These issues are causing many people to become prejudice towards the immigrants. Prejudice is when you have an unfavorable opinion of something, even though you have little knowledge of the topic. This is making it difficult for many immigrants to live their day-to-day lives. Some employers will not even employ people if they are not native-born American.