Eng 1 Honors Poetry Project Model

Zach Langley


Jim Daniels

My brother kept (A)
in a frame on the wall (B)
pictures of every motorcycle, car, truck: (C)
in his rusted out Impala convertible (D)
wearing his cap and gown (E)
waving (F)
in his yellow Barracuda (G)
with a girl leaning into him (H)
waving (F)
on his Honda 350 (I)
waving (F)
on his Honda 750 with the boys (J)
holding a beer (K)
waving (F)
in his first rig (L)
wearing a baseball hat backwards (M)
waving (F)
in his Mercury Montego (N)
getting married (O)
waving (F)
in his black LTD (P)
trying to sell real estate
back to driving trucks
a shiny new rig
on his Harley Sportster
with his wife on the back
his son in a car seat
with his own steering wheel
my brother leaning over him
in an old Ford pickup
and they are
holding a wrench a rag
a hose a shammy

My brother helmetless
rides off on his Harley
my brother's feet
rarely touch the ground-

waving waving
face pressed to the wind
no camera to save him.

Free Verse


"Wheels" has a reminiscent tone. Jim Daniels uses "My brother kept in a frame on the wall", "in his first rig", and "no camera to save him" to tell you how he is looking at his brothers old picture frame with all of his pictures of his life and reminiscing every memory about him. The author is missing his brother, who has died. The author wishes he had his brother back but he is not regretful because he knows his brother lived a joyful and wild life.


The theme of "Wheels" is to keep moving forward no matter what. In lines 4 through 8 Jim tells how his brother drove a rusted car in his high school graduation gown and then he tells how he drove a yellow muscle car with a girl by his side. This tells me that even though he had a trashy car he kept on striving and worked for a nicer car. By the end of the poem he has a wife and a kid and owns a nice car and motorcycle. His brother comes from the bottom to the top, and this is because no matter what he kept moving forward and stayed positive. He worked through life to better himself. The author's brother worked for everything that he owned and achieved. At the end of this poem he pretty much just rides off into the sunset. He ends his life on top and happier than ever, and he left behind a great name.


By Mother Teresa

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. (A)
Life is beauty, admire it. (A)
Life is bliss, taste it. (A)
Life is a dream, realize it. (A)
Life is a challenge, meet it. (A)
Life is a duty, complete it. (A)
Life is a game, play it. (A)
Life is a promise, fulfill it. (A)
Life is sorrow, overcome it. (A)
Life is a song, sing it. (A)
Life is a struggle, accept it. (A)
Life is a tragedy, confront it. (A)
Life is an adventure, dare it. (A)
Life is luck, make it. (A)
Life is too precious, do not destroy it. (A)
Life is life, fight for it. (A)

Free Verse


"Untitled" has an inspirational tone. Mother Teresa uses "Life is life, fight for it", "Life is a dream realize it", "Life is a promise fulfill it" to tell you that life is something that you should always take advantage of and live it to the fullest. This poem inspires people to never take life for granted and always give everything you got in life, because you usually will never get the opportunity back.


The theme of this poem is that you should always live life to the fullest and never pass up opportunities. When Mother Teresa says "Life is a promise, fulfill it" she is saying that you should take the advantage and live your life to the fullest. Also when Mother Teresa says "Life is a game, play it" she wants us to think that she is saying when life presents opportunities to you then make the best of the and take complete advantage of the opportunities that life throws your way.