Accounting Department /

Liz Hensley - Director of Accounting (ext 715)

Human Resources:

  • General Manager
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Vacation Time
  • Insurance
  • Office Procedures
  • General Questions and concerns.
  • New Employee hire

Account Maintenance and Billing

  • Back office billing for : Novant, Weight Watchers, Hanesbrands, BBT, Scott and Stringfellow.
  • Bank Statement
  • Travel Council Reports
  • Presidents Club
  • Financial analysis
  • Client and agent accounting support
  • Updates and reviews on open cash items
  • Daily cleanup of interface from corporate and leisure.
  • General Ledger
  • Backup on overflow calls and emails.

Anita Weddle- Receivable and Payables/ Client Support (ext 752)

  • Back office billing and corporate account open billing
  • updates and reviews open cash items/prepares billing
  • merchant charges reconciliation
  • Daily clean up of interface from corporate and leisure.
  • Independent contractors commissions and payments. Maintain client base bookings.
  • Processing and reconciling employee corporate credit cards monthly. (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • Manages General Ledger and Lesiure accounts.
  • Assist clients on questions and concerns.
  • Field questions and help with employee related accounting issues.
  • Reconciling end of month charges for all accounting issues.
  • Negotiate with vendors.

** Back up for Liz, when Liz is out**

Myra Franklin- ARC Reporting and Hotel Consultant (ext 757)

  • Daily reconciling of ARC information (exchanges, voids, refunds, debit memos)
  • MCO's
  • Morning interface, GRASP and iBank
  • Back up for overflow calls and emails.
  • Mergers
  • Hotel consultant and negotiator for hotel programs with all clients (RFP's, negotiated rates, hotel issues etc. )
  • Agent support
  • Conferma (Novant Hotel pre-payment)

Hannah Maxey- Receivable and Payables/ Client and Agent Support (ext 714)

  • Conferma- Novant pre-payment
  • Key Surveys
  • BBT Candidate hotel pre payment, and final billing
  • Reconciling and submitting Ariba invoices.
  • Reconciles monthly bank statements
  • Post all commissions (cars, hotels and other vendors)
  • Bank wire transfers
  • Back up for Liz with any accounting needs
  • Back up for Anita with any accounting needs.
  • Back up on phone overflow and client service emails.
  • Assist clients with accounting questions.

Pat Blalock- Support/ Processing and Office Supplies (ext 738)

  • Primary on phones, transferring calls and messages.
  • Orders and maintains supplies for office
  • Mail and postage
  • Itineraries
  • Southwest
  • Maintains interface throughout the day
  • Processes and assist in cleanup on ARC related issues

Lindsey Davis - Groups and Meetings Accounting Manager (ext 770)

  • All groups and meetings client and employee accounting.
  • Cvent
  • cc merchant
  • Ariba
  • Groups and Meetings monthly billing and reconciling.
  • Hiring of new interns for groups and meetings department