Battle of Dunkirk

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When Was the Battle

In early May of 1940, Germany decided to focus on the lower European countries.

On May 24, 1940, Hitler urged the commander of Army Group A, General Gerd von Rundstedt, to advance the attack.

On June 1, several thousand troops were evacuated, and the British rearguard departed the next day.

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The location of the Battle of Dunkirk

The battle of Dunkirk took place on the beaches of mostly France and Belgium. the Germans flanking from the east, west and south. the allied forces fled to the northwest
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What was the battle of dunkirk

The battle of Dunkirk, also know as the Evacuation of Dunkirk was the Mass evacuation of British and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. the German army, Luftwaffe and panzer crews were present at the battle, flanking the fleeing allied troops. the army funneled the shallow beaches, and Luftwaffe fighters made repeated passes over the beach. the panzer crews did not fire under orders from Hitler. allied ships were not able to land on the shallow beaches so small fishing boats and schooners were commandeered to bring soldiers to the larger waiting ships. over 27,000 were killed in total