Push/Pull Factors

by Jesse Jun

1. Religious Persecution


Tens of thousands of Christians have fled from Syria due to their religious persecution. Christians were at first persecuted for not taking sides or supporting the government, but now they are being abducted, physically harmed and killed, and churches are being damaged or destroyed. People are migrating to countries, like the United States, where they ave religious freedom.

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2. Ethnic Persecution


Individuals are migrating out of Afghanistan and out to other countries due to the fact that they persecute any minority groups. Who wants to live in a country where your life is in danger because of your ethnicity, something you cannot change? People migrate from Afghanistan and to places where they are accepted in and able to live peacefully.

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3. Environmental Factors


In August 2012, Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti with severe winds and rains that caused flooding and mudslides. The nation is still recovering from this storm today. Hundreds of thousands of people are still living in tent camps, causing people to want to migrate out of Haiti to places such as the United States where the environment is much more advanced.

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4. Economic Motives


Individuals are migrating out of Iran and to other countries because Iran is wanting to have their own nuclear weapon but is not able to proceed through. As a result of this, they are unable to import and export goods which severely hurts their economy. People are migrating to places like China, the biggest import and export trade in the world.

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5. Political Factors

North Korea

Kim Jong-Un uses his citizen's money to fund nuclear weapons, leaving people in a state of poverty. He isolates North Korea and has to sympathy for anyone, making individuals want to migrate out. But Kim Jong-Un isolates North Korea and does not allow anyone to migrate out of it.

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6. Forced Migration


India is known as the second most populated country in the world, one of the only countries to have hit the billions in number. This population causes people to forcefully migrate out of this country due to over-population. People want to move to less crowded countries such as England where the population is about average.

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