Tiger Cubs Test Waters

By Tanya Basu November 6, 2013


At the national Zoo in Washington, D.C., the zoos two Sumatran tiger cubs were given a swim test to determine if they could swim. The young cubs habitat is surrounded by water if they were to go in the same enclosure with their parents. In October another tiger cub in London drowned. To prevent this from happening again the zoo staff wanted to make sure their cubs could swim, for Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, with less than 500 left in the wild.

Why it's Interesting

I found this article interesting because it is about animals.


This article relates to careers because the swim test was conducted by the zookeepers. They want to protect the species. The zookeepers were present during the test to make sure the tiger cubs would be safe.

Facts I Learned

I learned that there are fewer than 500 Sumatran tigers in the wild. I also learned that the National Zoos two adult Sumatran tigers may be the future of the species.