Friday, January 29th

Second Grade

Weekly Happenings

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser is being extended until Feb. 1st. Students can sell all weekend and return the packet on Monday.

We finished our unit on Subtraction today. It included subtraction within 1000 and story problems within 100. The kids worked extremely hard on this target; it was a tough one! We will continue to practice at school throughout our other units. However, extra practice at home with subtraction would benefit the kids. It's a skill we will need continual practice on.


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: Leadership
Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Counselor

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: Counselor

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Leadership

Spelling Words

1. started

2. liked

3. grabbed

4. remembered

5. stepped

6. answered

7. colored

8. ripped

9. swiped

Learning Targets


*I can read accurately and fluently to support comprehension within grade level text.

*I know and apply grade level phonics skills and word analysis skills in decoding words.


*I can demonstrate the conventions of Standard English capitalization and punctuation.

This week we wrote to our Pen Pals. The kids were so excited to "meet" their Pen Pal and write back to them. We are writing to another Shull Elementary in California. We are looking forward to hearing back from them.

*I can identify the elements of craft and structure in literary text.

This week we learned about how an author introduces the story with the characters, problem and setting. We also learned that an ending includes the solution.


*I can add and subtract within 1,000.

We worked on subtraction story problems this week.

Social Studies:

*I can construct a map.

We finished our unit on maps this week.


*I can be responsible and kind.

*I can follow directions the first time.

Dates to Remember

2.12: Early Release

2.15: Spring Conferences