Blue Moon city

Where the moon is always blue

Blue Moon City

Come join us at Blue Moon City! our population is currently 215 people! We are located in northern Georgia. We are the sweetest,prettiest city!
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Blue Moon City is very small so we are not shown on this map. We are in the northern corner between Gainesville and Dalton.

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we have 1 big plateau called the blue moon top which is where the photo above was taken! We have a small river. We also have a a lot of hills (where most people live!)


Our average weather is about 90 degrees fahrenheit in the summer with rain about 4 times a month. In the Winter it gets to about 40 degrees fahrenheit with the same amounts of rain. Because of the weather not getting to cold and with the rain, plants live very long and stay strong throughout the year! We have over 250 large trees in our city which makes it a very green place to live!
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We have a grocery store, a doctor, a school, a bank, a park, 5 farms, and a railroad station as potential employers. We do have many job opportunities; our houses are reasonably priced!
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Blue Moon Festival!

Once a year we have a Blue Moon Festival at the Blue Moon park! it is super fun and everyone is very friendly! We have a picnic, play games and dance! There are many kids for your kids to play with!

Blue Moon City Can't Wait To Meet You!

We are welcoming you and/or your family to come live in Blue Moon City; where the moon is always blue!