Come And Join Us The Spartans

Spartan's Government

The spartan's government is considered an oligarchy (rule by few persons). The spartan males aged 30 or over can support or veto the council's recommendations. The women didn't participate life in Sparta.

The Social Structure of Sparta

First are the spartiates known as the military professionals who lived mostly in barracks. Then there is the perioeci that are the neighbors or outsiders "who were freemen." Finally there is the helots the peoples that turn rebelled against Sparta because they were treated like slaves..

Spartan's Culture

Spartan's children are taught to respect elderly,women and warriors spartiates citizens were not permitted to own gold or silver or luxuries.

Education Of Boys and Girls of Sparta

Boys were taken to train the arts of warfare at age seven.Then at age 20 they were put in higher ranks of the military. At age 30 they could marry but still live in barracks with other soldier and they also learn to read and write.

Girls were educated at age seven to read,write and survival skills.