The Greatness of Veterinarian

Career: Veterinarian

Branch of Science

It is under life science because veterinarians deal with injured animals and animals are apart of life.

Education Path

Veterinary and Graduate Veterinary Programs is the major I would need to become a veterinarian. This basically is the allowing to preform medical procedures on animals. This also includes a masters and doctorate because you supplying medication in your practice. I would take biology because just to get the knowledge of animals themselves. I would take chemistry to get a better feel of the medication.

Examples of Veterinarian

Veterinarians are AMAZING

Training Schools & Colleges

Carleton College is the college I have chosen. I have chosen this school because it is highly known for there great education and is close to my family in Minnesota. This school is located in Northfield, MN and is in a rural area. It is a private 4 year university. It has a 9:1 student to faculty ratio. There are 238 professors and there are about 30 kids to a class.


There is an employer nearby called Animal Hospital of Howard Inc. This place is located in Howard


The average GPA is 3.6 to enter. SAT is 600 - 700. ACT is on average 24 - 29.

About the Job

The job is tending towards the health and well being of animals. It is also sadly for the extermination of animals if they have a record of behavior or health problems. It is usually a doctors office set up when it comes to the work place. It is fairly good conditions to work in. Sometimes it can smell with all those animals all the time.

Factors of Employment

Job openings are a bit slim in Wisconsin there are 5 places were they hiring. In the nation there are over 500 job openings.


In Wisconsin pay ranges from $48,790 - $125,250. Nationally it ranges from $49,910 to $145,230


I honestly don't see myself doing this job in the future but I have thought it was interesting.

A pro would defiantly being around animals 'cuz I have always loved animals. But a con would be the depression for example telling someone that there dog has to be put down.


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