Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

About Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a special program which assists children in reading and writing. The program offers support to year 1 students. Individual students receive 30 minute lessons daily. The goal of Reading Recovery is to reduce the number of year one students having difficulty in reading and writing.

Some tips on reading at home with your child

· Listen to your child read every day. Encourage your child to read at any time!

· Ensure reading is a fun and enjoyable experience

· Talk about the books with your child

- Look at the front cover, title and pictures. Discuss what the story might be about. What might happen in the story?

- Whilst reading the story, talk about what might happen next

- Take turns reading aloud

- Ask your child questions about the story you just read

· Encourage your child to borrow books from our school library each week

· Visit your local library

· Reading a variety of texts is important! Ensure your child is exposed to different types, such as:

- magazines

- newspaper articles

- comics

- picture books

- signs and posters

- recipes

- playing word games

· Praise your child