GMO- A Dangerous Creation

by Vipul Reddy

Genetically Modified Organisms

The debate whether to modify organisms or not is a raging one. On one hand, some fear the modifying organisms might expose us humans to dangerous side-effects and allergies. On the other hand, advocates believes this may end hunger and allow the poor residents to get nutrition through these crops. Overall, I believe that genetically modified organisms will prove to be a negative change to our world.
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Genetically Modified Organisms Pose Health Risks

Some critics of GM foods believe the possibility exists that genetically modifying food crops may unintentionally introduce a new allergen to humans. A gene from something that someone was allergic to may be put into something else making the the person unknowingly allergic to that food also. Another potential hazard to human health is the possibility that bacteria in our guts could pick up antibiotic-resistance genes found in many GM foodstuffs.

Genetically Modified Crop Technology Will Hurt Small Farmers

Small farmers will become indentured to big companies if these big companies are allowed to genetically modify foods. Also, some fear that genetically modified crops might prove too expensive for poor farmers in developing countries, thus further widening the gap between rich and poor.

Genetically Modified Organisms Could Harm the Environment

Genetically Modification could harm organisms. Animals that are fed genetically modified foods may die off. For example, researchers found that only 56 percent of monarch larvae survived when fed milkweed plants covered in genetically modified corn pollen, whereas all those fed milkweed leaves with traditional corn pollen lived. Furthermore, insects could become "super bugs" that resistant to pesticides after being exposed to many of them. Some also worry that viruses will snatch resistance traits from genetically modified crops bearing genes from crop viruses. These gene-thieving viruses might then evolve into entirely new strains that could infect a whole range of plants previously unaffected.

Genetic Modification Goes Against Nature

Genetic Modification is doing what nature would do in millions of years. Some people believe that it is not our right and is immoral. Furthermore, scientists are combining genes from organisms that would never mix. The implications of these experiments is unknown, but they could produce potentially dangerous organisms.
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Is Genetic Modification Just a Corporate Ploy?

Some believe that corporations champion genetic modification for the corporations' benefit and not for the peoples' benefit. After all, genetic modification is still a business. Big biotech firms may be deliberately over-promoting the benefits of genetic modification and undermining the risks involved.