The Boston Tea Party

By Colten Kersky

What was the Boston Tea Party?

The Boston Tea Party was a protest organized by the Sons of Liberty in 1773. It is thought to have included 116 colonists. This was following the Tea Act, and was meant to prove a point to Great Britain saying that they were not going to pay for their tea. It all happened when colonists, some disguised as American Indians boarded a ship that was in the Boston Harbor carrying loads of tea. They dumped the tea into the harbor and it was gone. This event went far into developing the American Revolution. This event made the British furious.

Why Did The Boston Tea Party Happen?

This happened because the British kept putting a large tax on tea throughout the colonies. This enraged the colonists because the average colonist drank 2-3 cups of tea on average every day, meaning most of them bought lots of tea and they had to pay the tax.

What Were Some Effects of The Boston Tea Party?

The Boston Tea Party had many colonists cheering, but this enraged the British. It also helped lead to the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts were given their name by American Patriots because of there cruelty. They were meant as a punishment to the colonies after the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was one of the largest events in American History.

How Did the Boston Tea Party Contribute to the American Revolution?

The Boston Tea Party led to the Intolerable Acts which did increase cooperation to the British throughout the colonies, but some were still in rebellion. Some of those people met at the First Continental Congress. This was a group of people that would later sign the Declaration of Independence. In the First Continental Congress they agreed to put a full boycott on British goods throughout the colonies, to help recall the Intolerable Acts. This also helped lead to The Battles of Lexington and Concord, which the colonists won and lead to the Revolutionary War.

Fun Facts about the Boston Tea Party

Most participants kept it secret that they were participants in the Tea Party. We don't even know some of the people that participated.

Between the three ships filled with tea, there was about 342 chests of tea.

The 342 chests could have made roughly 19 million cups of tea!

Famous Members of the Sons of Liberty

Samuel Adams

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Paul Revere

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John Hancock

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My Reaction

I think that the Sons of Liberty were very courageous men with large hopes to make a difference throughout the colonies. They had lots of hope that America could one day be free and without there act of braveness we may not have the freedom we do today. I don't think that I would have the courage to organize and pursue the Boston Tea Party, so that is why I thank the Sons of Liberty for there drive to make a difference in the colonies.


American Patriots:

The rebels against British rule during the American Revolution.

American Revolution:

The time in which America was becoming free from Great Britain.

Boston Tea Party:

The largest protest of the Tea Act that helped lead to the American Revolution. In included 342 chests of tea being dumped into the Boston Harbor.

Declaration of Independence:

The document that the First Continental Congress signed to give peace to the colonies. Written by Thomas Jefferson.

First Continental Congress:

The colonies representatives that met to discuss a protest to the Intolerable Acts and also signed the Declaration of Independence.

Intolerable Acts:

Acts published by the British government that were very unfair to the colonies.

Revolutionary War:

The war in which America beat the British to declare freedom throughout the colonies.

Sons of Liberty:

A secret group that organized and participated in the Boston Tea Party.

Tea Act:

The act in which tea was taxed very high.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord:

When the British marched into Concord to retrieve stolen weapons, a war broke out and was fought between some colonists and the redcoats.