1ST Amedment Rights

The Most Basic Rights Of All Americans

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion was listed up first because you can believe anything that you want and if you want to you don't have to believe in religion or faiths. This is an amendment that supports your desicion of beliefs.
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Freedom of Speech

Before, people were thrown in jail if they speak out against the king. Now that Freedom of Speech is in the 1st Amendment, we can speak our minds and say whatever we desire unless it can harm other people.

Freedom of the Press

The Freedom of the Press allowed the Press to print anything that they want and the government can't tell them not to print or publish it. The Press should not have the right to to publish something withought the government's authorization because it may harm other people.

The Right to Assemble

Americans have the right to hold meetings and talk about ANY topic but they can't cause any violence.

The Right to Petition

We all have the right to send formal complaints to the government to change things for the better.