Discovery Of America

Who deserves credit for discovering America?

I believe the Native Americans should get credit for discovering America.

I believe this because their Indian ancestors came before any European. The proof of this is that they came from Siberia in central Asia across the Bering Straight to find the new land between 10,000 - 50,000 years ago. Also when the Native Americans came to the new land they didn't have maps or big fancy boats. This shows that they might have come earlier than the Europeans because their technology and other things were not as advanced. Finally when the Europeans arrived the Native American were already there. We know this because they used them as slaves.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus should not get credit for discovering America. I think this because When he arrived with his crew the Native Americans were already there. The proof is that they fought with them and brought them back to use as slaves. He also said that his crew were scared being all alone on the new land, but he knew that there were people already there. He claimed they weren't there but still saw them when he first came and took them as slaves. This shows that he is a liar and can't be trusted.


Hoe-shin should not get credit for discovering America because he voyaged for 43 years before he found America and that gave the Native Americans a lot more time to discover the land before him. He also traveled in a very small boat. The boat may have been strong and could handle winds, but because it was so small it would take longer to travel far distances. He traveled 7,000 miles across the Pacific, so this would also have given the Native Americans longer to discover America.

Leif Ericsson

Leif Ericsson does not deserve credit for discovering America because he bought Bjarni's boat. Bjarni also claimed to discover America before selling the boat to Leif which means that Leif didn't actually discover it. Leif also took Bjarni's crew and the crew could have told him where to go.

Bjarni Herjulfsson

Just because Bjarni sold his boat and crew to Leif doesn't actually mean he discovered America first. Bjarni claimed that he was looking for his father and his cargo. He also said that he stumbled into the new land. What a coincidence! If Bjarni didn't know where to go it would take him years and years just to sail far enough to find the land. But if he did know where to go he could get there faster. So maybe someone was already there. Maybe Columbus was already there and spread out the information that he had "discovered" America. Then maybe Bjarni went to "discover" it also. Bjarni also was verbally abused because he wasn't acting like a viking so maybe he said that he discovered America so they wouldn't verbally abuse him anymore.