The Immigration New Station

By Cameron & Amariah

what is an immigrant ?

They are people who leave one country to settle in another.

Away we go

Immigrants moved away from their countries because some had to escape their unstable homes. Some also came for freedom. Others came for a better way of life.

Where we come from and why we're leaving


The immigrants came from all kinds of different countries. Some of the countries they came from were Ireland, Great Britain , Germany, Europe, China, Sweden, Norway.

Ellis island

Ellis Island was an immigration station. Immigrants came here from lots of places {Great Britain,Germany&Ireland). Did you know that a 15-year-old girl was the first immigrant to come to Ellis Island !?!
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Where Immigrants Go

Angel Island

Angel Island is another immigration station that immigrants {Chinese, Norway, & italian} went too . People who went to Angel island thought of it as a prison. They stayed for weeks , months...even years.
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