Derek Jeter

Retired New York Yankees Shortstop

Early Life

Derek was born on June 26, 1974 in Pequannock Township, New Jersey. His father was a substance abuse counselor and his mother is a accountant. When Derek was a kid, his parents made him sign a contract every year that set acceptable and unacceptable forms of behavior. Jeter lived in New Jersey till he was 4 years old then they moved Michigan.
He attended Kalamazoo Central High School. After high school he was awarded several awards for his baseball performance. He was drafted to the Houston Astros for $700,000. Later on May 29, 1995 he made his 1st debut for the New York Yankees. In 2014 on Facebook he announced that 2014 was his last season . On July 10, 2014 he recorded his 1.000 career multi hit game. On the final series of his last game he hit a walk-off single . As he walked off the field he received an ovation from the Red Sox fans
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"There are May be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do"


-He is one of 11 players to win 5 World Series titles

-Had taken more than 14,000 plate appearances


Derek Jeter became a leader because of his character and he's ability on the baseball field.


Derek is a philanthropist, best-selling author and former New York Yankees Captain, after retiring he announced the players tribute. Then he realased his first book and it was no. 2 on the New York Times children middle school best sellers list, and he continues to drive force behind the turn 2 foundation, that he established in 1996 to give back to the communities.
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