Mrs. Laub's Second Grade Newsletter

Important Information and Reminders

Our Week in Review

Our reading time was dedicated to identifying the major event(s) in a fictional story, and how the story would be different if the event had not occurred.

During writing students created a variety of creative Christmas writing pieces to focus on the joy of the season - while attempting to use capital letters and punctuation consistently throughout each piece.

During C3 time the students enjoyed a visit from our counselor, Mrs. Scott, who focused on topics to help students be more future oriented - especially in the area of college and career choices. We also used this time to catch up on some unfinished work and do some extra math practice.

Math time was spent measuring, identifying, and drawing shapes with specific attributes.

Content time was dedicated to learning about elections and campaigns. We held our own mock election, which was won by a fictional character named Grace. We also spent some time learning about the purpose and the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mark Your Calendar

There will be no school December 23rd through January 4th.

Mondays are spirit days. Wear your orange and black!

Fridays are fundraisers days for Care to Learn. Your student can pay 50 cents to wear a cap at school all day each Friday. All money raised goes to Care to Learn.

Welcome Mrs. Mikaelian

It is my hope that your child will feel completely at ease with the teacher transition taking place in the next few days. Mrs. Mikaelian will be with us to get to know the students and the established routine in order to make this process as easy as possible for each child. Mrs. Mikaelian has a heart of gold, and is an excellent teacher. Your child will be in good hands! I sincerely thank each of you who has supported your child in their education, and I thank you for the experience I've had this past semester with your second grader.