Resting Peacefully Funeral Home

Owner: Ashley Montgomery

Why Choose Us

We are here to cater to your every want and need not just after death based on you own wishes, customs and traditions. Many of our services include cremation, burial, memorial services and organ donation. We have a variety of Caskets and Ernes available including personalized options. We are not here to make death a sad event, but we want you to or your loved one to be celebrated and make the final resting place as beautiful as possible.

Family Support

Here at Resting Peacefully we offer full support to the family of the deceased during the bereavement process. We are here to provide assistance to all families when trying to determine the best way to go when dealing with funeral arrangements.

Look Your Best

When it comes to Resting Peacefully we are here to make sure you look your best as you are laid to rest. We have make-up, hair, and wardrobe stylist on our team to make sure you look your best. If you or your loved ones have their own things they want to use (such as clothing, hair pieces, etc), we give you that option as well. Your wish is our command.

Financial Plans

We have a variety of payment assistance programs available for families. We will help families who may not have insurance coverage to attempt to get all funds necessary to have proper memorial service for their loved one. We offer monthly payment plans for those who want to plan ahead or those who are not financially stable to cover all costs. `

Services Provided

  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Personalized Option such as slide shows
  • Assistance with Repass Ceremony
  • Planning Ahead