First Continental Congress

By: Carlie Davis

The first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia at the Carpenter's Hall from September 5- October 26, 1774. All the men on this council were elected by the people, the colonial legislatures, or the committees of correspondence. Pennsylvania and New York wanted to seek resolution with England. All the other colonies were defensive of their colonial rights. The first few weeks consisted of debates and discussions, then things began to get interesting. The first topic they discussed was A Plan of Union of Great Britain and the Colonies presented by Joseph Galloway of Pennsylvania. Just a few of the delegates are listed below.


New Hampshire: John Sullivan

Massachusetts Bay: John Adams, Samuel Adams

Rhode Island: Samuel Ward

Connecticut: Silas Deane

New York: Isaac Low

Pennsylvania: Joseph Galloway

Delaware: Caesar Rodney

Maryland: Thomas Johnson

Virginia: George Washington

North Carolina: William Hooper

South Carolina: Thomas Lynch Jr.

Lexington and Concord changed everything. When the Redcoats fired into the crowds of Boston in 1775, the Second Continental Congress convened in Pennsylvania.