First Week of School Reminders

August 12, 2022

A Message from Marcie

Below is all of the information you should need for our first week of school! We can't wait to see our South Park students!

The following information will be covered:

  • The First Few Days
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • Bussing
  • Lunch Times
  • Social Emotional Update
  • COVID Protocols
  • PTO News
  • Important Dates

We want to wish all of you and your children a wonderful school year. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us or your child’s teacher.

Enjoy your last few days of summer with your families! We will see you Wednesday!!


The First Few Days...

Monday, August 15th

Kindergarteners and students who will be new to South Park will all be invited for a school visit on Monday. These families should have received an email yesterday with sign-up information and details about visiting South Park. If you feel as though you should have been included and did not receive an email regarding a visit for your child, please reach out to Marcie Faust at

Wednesday, August 17th (Grades K-5)

The first day of school for students in grades K-5 will be a half day. The attendance hours are 8:35-11:40 a.m. All students will line up at their designated grade level door (shown below). There will be signs up for each classroom, and the classroom teachers along with the South Park staff will come outside to greet the children and you.

Thursday, August 18th (Preschool-Grade 5)

This is our first full day of school. Doors open and supervision begins promptly at 8:35 a.m. South Park school hours for K-5 students are listed below.

School Hours (K-5)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 8:35 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.

Wednesday - 8:35 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

*Early Learners families will receive a separate communication with the school hours for the program.

Arrival and Dismissal Locations

Big picture


Each morning, students will enter the building at their grade level door shown above. Staff members will welcome students at their assigned door and show them where to go while classroom teachers wait in the classroom and greet their students as soon as they arrive.


  • Our arrival time for all elementary schools is 8:35 a.m.
  • Please do not drop students off prior to 8:35 as that is the time staff is on duty to assist students.
  • Students are expected to be in the building by 8:45 with instruction starting at 8:50.
  • If your child arrives after 8:45, please have them enter through the front entrance of the school.

Grade Level Entry and Exit Assignments:

  • Kindergarten - Exterior Door #15 - Adjacent to the driveway just north of the school

  • First Grade - Exterior Door #14 - West of the kindergarten door across from the fence

  • Second Grade - Exterior Door #13 - Adjacent to Kenmore/Hackberry

  • Third Grade - Exterior Door #12 - Adjacent to Kenmore/Hackberry

  • Fourth Grade - Exterior Door #6 - Off of Rosewood Avenue

  • Fifth Grade - Exterior Door #5 - Off of Rosewood Avenue

A Note for Kindergarten and 1st Grade Families: Teachers will be outside to greet your child on Wednesday, August 17th and for the first few days to welcome students and help establish routines of going into the building.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

AM Drop off Procedures

We have developed very clear traffic procedures for before and after school. Here are our suggestions for the best places to drop off your children in the morning:

  • Kindergarten and First Grade - Use the front circle. Please pull up to the signs that will say “Drop Off Zone.” We ask that you pull up to the next available drop-off zone to let your children out of the car.
  • Second and Third Grade - The best place to let your children out of your cars is on Hackberry facing east. We suggest that you stop before the Kenmore stop sign so the kids can walk down Kenmore to the school.
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade - Use Rosewood Avenue. Please stay in the queue until you reach the school. You can let your children out onto the sidewalk or at the school’s driveway. This is where our three buses will stop to unload the students. Please be patient and never drive through the bus stop arm.
  • Early Learners Program - You will be receiving specific directions with drop-off procedures from the preschool teachers.

PM Pick-up Procedures

  • Kindergarten and First Grade - Trusted adults should park and walk over to greet their child at the grade level door. Older siblings are invited to meet up with their younger siblings at the K and 1 grade level doors, too.
  • Second and Third Grade - Have your children walk north on Kenmore and meet your car on Hackberry Rd.
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade - Your children will exit on the east side of the school, and they will meet you on Rosewood Avenue. Parents are not allowed to drive into the Rosewood parking lot after school because it is reserved for our buses.
  • Early Learners Program - You will be receiving specific directions with pick-up procedures in a separate communication.


The District 109 Transportation Department is still working on the bus routes. Please check and the “For Parents” tab in the next few days for the updated routes. Please know that the times listed are not set in stone due to traffic issues that come up, so please have the kids at the stops at least 10 minutes before the posted times. All busing questions should be sent to:

Our goal is to keep all students safe when riding the bus. Please review the rules linked below with your child before opening day.

Lunch Times

Please make a note of the times your children will be eating and going outside for recess.

  • Grades K, 1: 11:25 - 11:52 eat lunch; 11:52 - 12:20 go out for recess
  • Grades 2, 3: 11:25 - 11:52 go out for recess; 11:52 - 12:20 eat lunch
  • Grades 4, 5: 12:25 - 12:52 eat lunch; 12:52 - 1:20 go out for recess
  • Early Learners Program: 11:30 - 12:00 eat lunch; 12:00 - 12:30 go out for recess

If you need to bring a late lunch to school, please label it with your child’s name, and leave it on the blue cart in the main entrance foyer.

**Marla's Fun Lunch does not begin until Monday, August 22nd. Students must bring their own lunch on Thursday, August 18th, and Friday, August 19th. Click here for info about ordering from Marla's.

Social-Emotional Update from the South Park Clinical Team

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! We plan to have a productive, engaging, and fun year ahead at South Park! We would like to start by introducing ourselves; we are the elementary school clinical team: Amy Goldberg- school counselor, Jamie Rosenbaum- school social worker, and Zoe Farr- school psychologist. We are excited to be working together this year to help the students, families, and staff have a successful year.

Starting the school year can be a difficult transition for many children. Separation anxiety is not uncommon, and it is typically a phase that most children can move past. Our clinical staff will be present and ready to assist students that are having difficulty entering the school and/or classroom.

Click here for a few tips to help your child transition back to school.

COVID Protocols for 2022-23

Visit for the latest information and for Superintendent Simeck’s presentation from the 7/28 Board Meeting.

We continue to move towards a school environment that better reflects pre-pandemic times while providing enhanced sanitization and protection measures for students and staff. As part of this, we will be resuming normal lunch protocols in our lunchrooms. Some other points of note:

  • Unlike the last few years, there will not be any daily COVID certification forms to fill out.

  • Masking is not required inside our schools except for when visiting the nurse’s office and for recent COVID-positive cases.

  • Individuals that test positive for COVID will need to be out of school for 5 days.

    • They will be required to mask at all times days 6-10, aligning with IDPH guidance.

  • Families will be notified if there is a situation in their child’s class that could be potentially identified as a COVID outbreak

  • Our COVID dashboard is being retired with the move to take-home SHIELD testing.

  • Zoom live streaming will no longer be offered for students who are absent.

    • Like all other absences, students/families are encouraged to contact the teacher(s) to find out about any missed classwork. Some assignments can be made available when the child is absent while other assignments may need to be completed when the child returns to school. Our teachers will partner with families to determine what will work best in each situation.

Important PTO News

Important news from the South Park PTO will be shared weekly on the PTO Spotlight.

This week's PTO Spotlight includes info on the following:

  • Room Parent Info
  • Ice Cream Social Details
  • After School Enrichment Sign-Up
  • Spirit Wear Sale
  • PTO Directory and Membership
  • Fun Lunch Sign-Up: Fun Lunches will be served beginning on Monday, August 22
  • And More!

Important Dates You Need to Start the School Year

Monday, August 15

  • Kindergarten Orientation - 4:00-5:00 (20-minute slots for each student)
  • New Student Orientation - 4:00-4:30

Wednesday, August 17

  • First day for students (Half Day) - 8:35-11:40 a.m.

Thursday, August 18

  • First full day of school - 8:35 a.m. - 3:25 p.m.
  • Ice Cream Social from 6:00-7:30

Wednesday, August 24

  • Early Release Wednesdays begin - Dismissal is 2:25

Tuesday, August 30

  • Curriculum Night - Times TBD

Monday, September 5

  • No School - Labor Day
Tuesday, September 6
  • Picture Day

  • Enrichment classes begin


Remember, you can head to to get the latest information from the district.


If you didn't get the email, text or robocall from the district's communications test on Wednesday, fill out this form and someone from the District Office will be in touch to resolve any issues.