Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 28-October 2

What we are learning this week...


Students will be working with the x2 and x4 multiplication strategies. They will also work problems involving concepts taught earlier based upon information gathered from the first test. Ask your child to explain the relationship between the x2 and the x4 strategies.


Students will be learning about the theme of a story. As they read, they will learn to identify the author’s message, lesson or overall idea of the literature. As you watch your child read this week, ask them to identify the theme of the story they are reading and discuss evidence from the story to support their thoughts.

Science/Soc. St.

Students will be exploring the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. As students conduct exploration activities in groups, they will be developing their scientific inquiry and discovery skills.


Students will be finishing the personal narrative, and writing letters this week. Focus of the letters has to do with our PBL. Ask your child who is he/she writing and why.

Important Dates:

Sept. 28 – Watch D.O.G.S. Pizza Night

Oct. 1- Math test

Oct. 10 – Spelling Bee

Oct. 12thStudent Holiday


Stuff the Boot

The PTA Fundraising campaign started this week! Instead of selling products and only making a small proceed, the Sommer PTA does a direct donation drive. 100% of funds raised goes back to Sommer students and teachers. Please donate today and don’t forget company matching!

Spotlight Stallions:

Spotlight Stallions will be recognized in the classrooms.

Stallion Heroes will be recognized at our 3-5 assemblies:

Character Trait Stallion Heroes exemplify the character trait of the month ex: safety, responsibility, respectful.

Stallion Super Hero will be the name of the all around great student that exemplifies all character traits and school expectations all of the time.

**********Please Read***********

This year in math the district has created short District Common Assessments (DCA’s) to be used at the end of each unit taught. These assessments are meant to be quick snapshots of how students are doing on concepts with the added bonus of giving them practice with a scantron sheet to ease the worry of STAAR testing. Teachers are given the discretion to use these 3-5 answer assessments as grades or not.

In third grade at Sommer, some of these assessments will be combined with team created questions to make a test. Test grades will be recorded and become part of the math average. You will know about tests because we will review for them. You will see these grades listed as test grades in Home Access.

At other times, we will give just the DCA’s in order to guide our instruction and we’ll record them as benchmark grades. Benchmark grades DO NOT COUNT as part of a child’s math average. We will not give advanced notice for study time. They are a snapshot of where everyone is in his/her understanding of a concept. You will be able to see this grade in Home Access too.

Please understand that if we are concerned about a grade or concept, we will contact you. Right now students are learning about expectations, test taking, new math concepts, and many other third grade things!

While parents may come to the classroom and see the DCAs, we are not allowed to send them home. This is just the district's policy about any test they create.

Class Wishlist

  • Big bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 24 mini flashlights
  • Trouble-the game
  • Monopoly
  • Checkers/Chess
  • Guess Who-the game
  • Expo whiteboard marker spray
  • Legos
  • playdough