Beijing China

Intro to China

welcome to wonderful beijing china one of the most intresting places on earth and the capital of china.

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map and location

It is located on the continent Aisa. 39, 55 N, 116, 25 E latitude and longitude coordinates


The main langue spoken in Beijing is mandarin. There are 56 ethincities but 96.5% is the Han ethnicity. there are many different religions in Beijing but the main ones are Folk Religion, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and many more. Beijing is the most important city in china because it is the capital.


There are 5 rivers and 30 lakes in Beijing. The tempture is usually around 13 degrees c. In the hotest month july it is around 25.2 degrees c and in january it is 3.7 degrees c. The physical features are mountains in the north and west; flatlands in the southeast.

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Shoudu Iron and Steel Works

The Shoudu Iron and Steel Co. is one of China's largest iron and steel complexes.

Lightening Drum at the Opening Ceremony

Opening to Olympics

China opened to the olympics in 2008 by playing drums.

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Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park