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Baker's Blog - May 6

I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms at BES!!

Congratulations to our third grade team for an outstanding Wax Museum! Their students were fantastic in their roles as famous Americans and the event was a great learning opportunity for all of our students!

Our Teacher of the Year reception will be Wednesday, May 11. Paraprofessional and Support Person of the Year will also be recognized.

The media center closes Friday, May 13th.

Please see below for other reminders.

Reminders for the Week

  • May 9 - 1st & Quest SLO, SEBHS PreK Visits - 9:30
  • May 10 - 3rd SLO, 5th Field Trip - SEBMS, Creative Kids PreK Visit - 9:30
  • May 11 - 5th Field Trip - SEBMS, 1st Planning Day, TOTY Reception
  • May 12 - 1st Whoville, K Planning Day, PLC
  • May 13 - Media Center closes

What If...

each student who left my classroom was prepared for whatever LIFE throws them.