Math About Moi

Owen edition

my IMPORTANT numbers

  1. 9 is important because im 9 i say i'm 72[divided] by 8!i think the rhombie-cosie dodecahedren is important because it has 240 faces thats more than a normal dodecahedran !


I like lightyears because it is how many miles light can travel in a year!binary is cool too!it is when a number multiplyed by itself.A google is a number with 100 zeros after it!

our picures

real equations!

i think science questions will be good

i say 1 is important because i know newtons first law i wonder how many laws it has!i also like 998877-777=998700,7654-789=6865

we have 2 equations left

i think 898x5=4490 it is fun! 999999x9=4999995. thank you for your time to listen!