Sports Psychologist

Brandon Drew

Job Description

A sports psychologist helps athletes overcome psychological effects after a injury or just to help motivate an athlete who is feeling overwhelmed. They make sure athletes can get back on their feet and performing to full potential.

Certifications needed to practice

  • Must be a member of AASP
  • Have a doctoral degree in an area closely related to the sport psychology or science
  • Completed course work
  • Have completed the mentored experience requirements

Day to Day Activities

Day to day activities include the following

  1. Assessing clients needs and abilities
  2. Monitoring sporting performance and behavior
  3. Implementing strategies to help the client overcome difficulties,
  4. Improve performance or realize
  5. implementing strategies to help the client overcome difficulties improve performance or realise potential

Education Requirements


Median Pay is around 90,000

Skill set necessary

You must know how to educate athletes how to how to help themselves because there is only so much that a sport phycologist can do but if the athlete is not fully committed to fixing their problem then the treatments are useless.

Fun Facts

  1. The study of physiology started with pigeons
What is a Sport Psychologist?