Welcome to Planet Earth

Open 24/7 by: Ruby Dush

How is the Earth separated into parts?

The Earth is separated into seven different continents, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Australia and Europe. These seven land masses hold hundreds of thousands of millions of people. we also separate the earth into separate time zones. Another way we can separate the Earth is into climate zones.

Mount Everest

I chose Mount Everest because...

I chose mount Everest for one of my physical features because it is the most fascinating mountains on the planet earth it is also the biggest peak/ mountain on Earth. Mount Everest inspires many climbers to follow there dreams and climb the mountain even with all the obstacles they have to face while climbing.

Packing List for Mount Everest

- warm winter gear

- water or something hot to drink

- gloves

- winter face mask

- you might want to bring a ski helmet

- snow tights to go under snow pants

-snow pants




-warm sleeping bag

Sahara Desert

I chose the Sahara Desert because...

The Sahara is one of the largest deserts on the Earth. It is a truly fascinating desert with a lot of history behind it. The Sahara is a very hot and humid place that requires a lot of necessities. The Sahara desert is exactly 3.629 square miles. It offers people many opportunities to people of all ages.

Packing List

-lots of water

-summer clothes



-sun block


-flip flops/ or no shoes at all


-a hat or visor


-sneakers, hiking boots or sandalls

Niagara Falls

I chose Niagara falls because...

I chose Niagara falls for one of my three physical features because it is a beautiful waterfall with a lot of fascinating views all around it. Niagara isn't just a normal waterfall it's one of the biggest and widest waterfalls. Niagara falls is a huge tourist attraction with a lot of people around it.

Packing List for Niagara Falls


-good walking shoes

-clothes that can get wet

-waterproof camera

-backpack ( so you can carry around your personal items)

-warm weather gear (for colder months)