By: Jackson Campbell


In this article you will learn all about Pugs. You will learn all about there Health, Size and Color and the History of pugs hope you have fun learning about Pugs.


In this section you will learn all about a Pugs health. You need to give them fresh food and water every day. you must brush them daily. You must walk them weekly and clean dirt out of there wrinkles.

Size and Color

In this section you will learn all about the pugs size and color. Pugs are a toy dog breed. The Pug can weigh from 14 to 18 pounds. Pugs can be black or fawn color.


In this section you will learn all about the history of Pugs. Pugs came from china 2,500 years ago.There are 37 different mixes of Pugs including the hug. Pugs are known to be brave,friendly and funny.


I hoped you had fun learning about Pugs. You learned all about the Pugs health, the size and color and the history of Pugs.

Fun Fact

Pugs snort,grunt and snore.

Fun Fact

The pug is related to the Pekingese.

Vocabulary Word


A group of dogs that are small like the Pug, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Chihuahua.

Vocabulary Word


A type of dog.