On concert group UNREAL

My holidays

Hello Slavik

Today i have been on concert by The group Unreal. It's incredeble! Arashi and Firefly have great voise. They sing very well live . If you don't remember im going to remind you.

Unreal - it's a studio band. Their do not hold concerts without release merchandise and do not earn many in other ways in our work. Their have producers and permanent label. All of their music is quite officially and distributed on the WEB for free. In other words, Unreal - pure creativity of the soul. Many are surprised and it seems incredible, but it is true. Their motto: openness, conceptual independence.

The best song are "we are gods", "agony", "newtype" and "extra machine".

Good bye

Your Friend.

Unreal - Основной сет (Live In Relax 12.06.2009)