Dalis Partners, LLC

Quality Switchgear and Power Quality Solutions

Dalis Partners, LLC founded by Mandell Dalis, in 1972. The company became one of the most innovative and responsive independent medium for voltage switchgear in PACS Industry. We are working successfully in the market for the many years with designing, manufacturing high-technology electrical generators and power groups. With our network currently present in many countries worldwide, we offer really suitable Switchgear and Protection system solutions with a high standard of quality.

The company is a global technology leader in electrical products, systems and services for power quality, distribution and control, power transmission and supports transmission systems to achieve higher performance and safety. Our research and development team composed of highly trained engineers dedicated entirely to design and develop sophisticated custom solutions for complex applications projects, we can assist and support our customers by ensuring the best solutions from a qualitative point of view. We are committed to creating and maintaining strong customer relationships built on a foundation of excellence.

All generators, PACS Switchgear and energy solutions designed to deliver the best results and meet the needs of our valuable customers. Besides the high quality generators, our company offers different types of control panels, Metal Clad Switchgear and spares parts, whether in the standard version and personalized. Our product range has grown to offer an answer to all market requirements; the company offers a complete range of high-tech energy solutions, versatile and guaranteed quality, which can be customized to fit any solution. If you have any question regarding our service and products, log on to our website Dalispartners.com.