Modernization of Warfare

World war one brought on many new modernizations to the warfare. During world war one we were introduced to new inventions such as the machine gun, the hand gernade, and mustard gas. The war began on June 28, 1917 due to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The United stated enters the war in April 1917 mobilzing the American Expeditionary Force (AFE) led by John J Pershing. During the war AFE was given the nickname the "doughboys".
Machine guns during the war made it possible for the soliders to shoot hundreds of bullets killing many people while down in the trenches. The hand gernade made the war more deadly because soldiers could stand at a distance and throw the gernades at the enime. The invention of the mustard gas made it possible to kill many soliders at one time. The mustard gas was made with co2 which is a poisionus gas the caused the person who came in contact with it to experiance pneumonia like symptoms where the lings would fill with gas and they basically drown. The invention of the cannon made it possible to send huge cannon balls at enime lines.