6 traits of writing

Logan Kelly


The 6 traits are very important in writing for any class or even life

The first trait is Ideas

Excellent writing has a clear purpose, message or focus. Be specific and have lots of details and ideas.

the second trait is organization

Good writing has a clear middle and end. It is good to be organized so it is is to follow your reading

The third trait is voice

Awesome writer can make it feel like they're almost talking to you and your so engaged you cant stop.

Chris Young - Voices

The forth trait is word choice

Have strong words, have nouns and verbs. Make sure the words fit in you writing.

The fifth trait is sentence fluency

Sentence Fluency makes your writing go smooth from one sentence to next. vary in length and in ways.

The sixth trait is conventions

Conventions is carefully edited to make it sounds good. you should follow the rules to witting punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Writing Process

The writing process is brainstorming, prewriting, compose ( rough draft/sloppy copy ), evaluation, revision, editing, and publishing/sharing.

Write tools

Is t-table, core 4 sentences, transitions, main idea sentences, details/tell me more, and conclusion sentences.