Helen Keller

By: Olivia Halle

Helen Keller is known for the achievements she did even though she was blind and deaf.

Three interesting facts about Helen Keller......

  • Helen's teacher taught her sign language and Braille to talk to people who knew it.
  • Her teacher helped her to talk,so he can give speeches.
  • Helen's teacher helped her get into collage.
In two weeks Helen went from a wild child to a gentle child. She learned to trust Annie.
Even though Helen was deaf and blind she learned to speak.
Helen wrote a story called "The Frost King",but went to court for copying Margaret T. Canby's book "The Frost Fairies."
Helen got into collage
Helen was in show business.

Life lesson

To never give up when things get difficult

Helen Keller Courage in Darkness

By: Emma Carlson Berne