MCA(Motor Club Of America)


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What is Motor Club Of America and What's Your Job?

  1. I'm here to inform everybody what Motor Club Of America. MCA is an Auto Coverage Company and helps with Road Assistance. But I know your thinking what is MCA going to do for me. MCA has started this new opportunity for people to work at home online and you only have to sign up for $39.99 for the first month on a credit card(America-express,Visa,Discover) . Your job is to promote MCA benefits and get people on your team. Every customer you get, you will receive $80.00 each member. For example: you get 3 member you will make $240.00 in a check either direct deposit or company check. When you promote you will be directed to a MCA Group on Facebook called TVC Marketing. TVC is entitled with MCA where you sign up and the website of your page keeps count of the number of member you have and how much you will be getting. Whatever recruiter came to you, They will help you market your little business and get you started.

What are you pay the $39.99 for ?

2. Your $39.99 is for you and everybody else who wants to take advantage of MCA Benefits and Being your own business.

Other Websites You Can Promote Your Business

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Ya'nisha Gregory; MCA Recruiter Agent

You should be on my team because my team will help you get to the next level and allow you to enjoy making money everyday. I will give you advice and get you motivated. Trust me I cant promise you that your going to make money right away. But its a process and I the ability and the creative skills to make sure you wont regret being on my team. If your interested go to