4-Doyle ELA Newsletter

September 26, 2015

Houghton Mifflin Anthology

Dear 4-D ELA Parents/Guardians:

It was a pleasure meeting many of you at Lynnewood's Back-to-School night and I've enjoyed getting to know your children these past three weeks! I look forward to developing both critical readers and enthused writers.


Mrs. Winnie Doyle


Akiak Open-Book Assessment

Houghton Mifflin Anthology Assessments are administered in an open book format upon the completion of multiple readings. Each reading is purposeful, targeting multiple comprehension skills/strategies, and grounded in literary conversations and writings about the selection.

  • Multiple choice portion and one Text Dependent Analysis question completed this past Friday.
  • One additional Text Dependent Analysis question to be administered on Monday.
  • Graphic organizers and teacher guidance is present until the students become more comfortable with the Text Dependent Analysis process.
  • After each anthology assessment, your child will bring home a test summary sheet for you to sign.

Figurative Language and Grammar: Please reinforce concepts at home,

  • Nouns and pronouns-please reinforce the concept of pronouns with your child.
  • Alliteration is a literary device using repeated sound of the first consonant: Crawling caterpillar or crazy kangaroo.
  • Ask your child to tell you an idiom.

ELA Conference Reminder: SignUpGenius

If you have not done so already, you may register for your child's ELA conference. Create an account, click "Find a Sign-Up" and search for: doyle@havsd.net


Helpful Directions: Available on my website


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Personal Narrative

Hope you enjoyed reading your child's "I Am" poem at Back-to-School night. I am amazed how often our children fail to recognize the beauty of their own written words!

Our first formal writing assignment is a five-paragraph personal narrative. Your child had a choice of one of the following topics: Setting & Achieving a Personal Goal, A Favorite Holiday Celebration, or a Memorable Time with a Friend.

Graphic organizers, teacher modeling, student share-out components set the stage for an engaging writing process.