Different Types Of Computers


Desktop PC and what they look like

A desktop pc is made of a monitor, a power cord, a keyboard and a mouse It also has a tower, which is next to the computer. It is basically the brain of the computer. Hardcore gamers usually use Desktops PCs as they don't overheat and you can edit the specs of the PC so it has amazing quality .

Website designers also may use Desktops PCs as its easier to use. It usually costs around £100-£2000.


Laptops are very popular. Teenagers and Parents use it so they can find information or so they can socialise with their friends via twitter,facebook etc.

Teachers use it so they can plan the lessons, do the register etc.

Laptops usually cost around £250-£1000.


Smartphones are another thing that are popular. Teenagers use it for texting,going onto facebook and twitter, or calling people.

Business people use it aswell, for calling co workers or customers. They usually cost anything from £100 to £650.


Teenagers are basically the bigger version of smartphones except you can't call. They are good for games,emailing, going on websites etc.

They usually cost £100-£200

How do they differ?

They all differ as they all have different screen size,specs,different apps and games and different stuff you can do.

A desktop has a bigger screen and the smartphone has the smallest screen.

Tablets and smartphone have better apps than Desktop PCs and laptops.

A desktop PC has better specs than a laptop.