British Police

Basic Salary

Salaries vary between forces but the typical salary for police constables is £22,680

Salary Progression

It can be up tp £3000 extra per year

Working Hours And Shift Patterns

8:45 to 5:15 monday to thursday with an hour lunchand 8:45 to 4:45 on a friday

Holiday Entitlement

A police officer gets a minimum of 23 days of holiday a year


Anywhere in the area where they get entitled to mostly by where they live

Basic Training Period

The basic Training Period is 10 weeks

Additional Training

Extra 2 weeks

Fringe benefits

Flexible working paid overtime e.g. health insurance

Retirement Age

The retirement age for a police officer is 60 years old

Pension Benefits

9.5% of salary paid in and full pension after 35 years