2nd Grade News

Friday, January 13th, 2017

A note from you teacher...

Scholastic Order- Please place your order by Monday if you would like to order any books. You can go online and use the class code.

Code- K37LW

One Book, One School

The kids shared their dream to change the world for the video we are making. I'm working on putting this together and should have it done early next week. If you would like to come in and view it in the classroom you are invited on Thursday. The school will be open from 4:30-6:30. I will be showing the video in ROOM 122 at 4 different times. I will email the video home to everyone just incase you are unable to make it. I hope that everyone enjoys watching it.


We spent time learning about people with disabilities and learning that being disable doesn't mean being unable. This inspired the children to want to change the world. In this short video each child will share their dream to change the world.

5:00 - 1st Showing

5:15 - 2nd Showing

5:30 - 3rd Showing

5:45 - 4th Showing

Questions, comments or concerns?

Please email me!

~Mrs. Hicks

Coming up!!

Math: It's all about the money, money, money! I encourage students to work with money at home as well! Adding and subtracting money is a skill that students will continue to master.

Reading: Before we being to look at fables we will be looking at point of view. We will have fun reading different stories from different points of view. We will then move on to fables and the moral of the story.

Writing: We have been having so much fun writing and using contractions, compound words, synonyms, and antonyms. We will continue to master 2nd grade skills and have some fun writing. We will begin to writing fractured fairy tales and fables soon.

Specials Schedule:

Tuesday, January 17th - Day 3 Music

Wednesday, January 18th- Day 4 Computer

Thursday, January 19th- Day 1 Art

Friday, January 20th- Day 2 P.E.