Pamlico Sound Estuary

By: Harris Barr


Pamlico Sound is located in between the East Coast of North Carolina and the Outer Banks.

Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries are habitats for many marine species. They have been called the nurseries of the sea because they provide protection, an abundance of food, and a wanted and perfect place to live and reproduce. Also, birds depend on estuaries for food and a place to nest. Migratory birds use estuaries for places to make a stop to eat and rest.

Estuaries benefit the health of the oceans and estuaries help filter sediments and pollutants from the water before it flows into the ocean. All of the extra nutrients are removed and this results in cleaner water for people and the marine organisms.

Estuaries are like buffers between the land and the ocean. They are important because they lower the effects of storm surges and flooding.

Estuaries are economically important because of the fishing, tourism, recreation, and resort development in the Estuaries.

Animals found in the Pamlico Sound Estuary

Some animals that are found in the Pamlico Sound Estuary are dolphins, sea turtles ,blue crabs, flounder, and red drum.

River Basins that feed into the Pamlico Sound

Five river basins that flow into the Pamlico Sound are the Chowan, Roanoke, Pasquotank, Tar-Pamlico, and the Neuse.

The Threats to the North Carolina Estuaries

Some threats to the North Carolina estuaries are excessive nutrients, toxic materials, erosion and sedimentation, and habitat loss.

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