2nd Grade Scoop


Happy Holidays and a happy New Year! See you back at school on January 5, 2016!


This week in math, students learned about polygons which are closed and have all straight sides. They also learned how to solve number puzzles that involved three-digit numbers.

An example:

I am between 300 and 350.

You say my number if you start at 300 and count by tens.

The digit in the hundreds place is the same as the digit in the tens place.

What number am I?


This week in Science, we have been identifying properties of a rock. We have learned that color, shape, size, texture and luster are all properties of a rock. Students got to create a chatterpix to showcase their learning of the rock properties. Take a look at their creativity on their seesaw account!

Readers Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, we worked on comparing and contrasting different versions of the same story. We discussed each story's story elements, which helped up to find the similarities and the differences between the two books. The students created a foldable to showcase their comparisons.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, we focused on an important grammar skill: subject/verb agreement. We practiced finding the subject of a sentence, then deciding how to conjugate the verb to match the subject. We made sure that our verb conjugation made sense as well.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we wrapped up our study of cultural celebrations around the world. We did this by choosing two celebrations to compare and contrast. We used all the information that we have learned about the celebrations to find similarities and differences between them.