Our State Economy

Preethi, Emma, Parker, Anthony


Since our location of our state is on an island, our largest industry will be the seafood market. We plan on exporting our seafood goods throughout both our and many other communities. Our tourism industry is also important because of the initial stream of citizens joining our state. Another large industry is our oil industry. We plan on having oil rigs near the water where the deep-water drilling will occur.
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Common Careers:

  • Seafood Processor
  • Fisherman
  • Drilling/Marine/Maintenance for Oil Rigs
  • Tour Guides
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Government Positions
  • Accountants and Financial Managers
  • Construction
  • Doctors/Surgeons/Nurses

Amount of Jobs Required

Since our community will have no more than 15,000 members at a time, we will need a certain amount of workers to accommodate to the citizens. We expect all adults in our community to either have a career or looking for a career at all times. Exceptions to this include, stay-at-home parents or sick family members.


There will be three different housing size options throughout our community. When a citizen buys a house and they are living alone, they will be given the smallest size to live in. However, if and when a citizen gets married, they can purchase an add-on to their house ad it will become the medium size. Houses with children can upgrade to the largest size house for an additional fee.