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Positive Communication

Thank those of you who sent me your replies regarding positive communication phone calls this week. Those of you who haven't done so, you still have some time. Listed below are just a few of the comments received:

  • "It’s nice when they hear how their child is doing in school and I like how excited they get about that. It was also great for one parent to hear the positive phone call in contrast to other calls I have had to make this year, and now she knows the progress her child is making, no matter how small."
  • "The student's mother thanked God and me for taking care of her son."
  • "I did have one parent thank me for taking the time to call."
  • "The father said he had never had anyone call about the positive things his son was doing and thanked me for doing so".

Just as those of you, I, too participated in positive communication. I called three teachers on our staff and thanked them for the positive impact they bring to our school and our students. It's important that, with so much going on around us, that we celebrate the success of our campus and students. It is also important that we reflect on what messages we are sending to our community and parents.The communication is two way. The National School Public Relations Association conducted a study in 2010. The study found successful, responsive, and productive schools share one common trait:

They solicit, encourage, facilitate and promote parental communication.

In these schools…

  • Parents are not ignored… they are invited.
  • Parents are not avoided… they are consulted.
  • Parents are not discouraged from complaining… they are encouraged to communicate.

What does the communication we engage in say about CE? Is this communication one way or two way? This week our students will be taking the first nine weeks assessment of the year. For many of our students and parents this is a new experience. How we communicate the assessment results, strategies, interventions, and instruction of CE has an impact on parental and community support. I have attached an article for you to read at your leisure. It takes a look at the positive results of parent communication in the 21st century. It is a good read and reminders for all of us as parent conferences near. Enjoy!


Mrs. Young

Power Planning Survey-PLEASE COMPLETE

Thank you Ms. Roeder and Mrs. Sylvester for our wonderful power planning sessions last week. Teachers, we all hope this helped front load you with an instructional sequence and focus for the upcoming weeks. Please take some time and take the following survey so that we can assess how this experience was for you and ways we can improve before the next power planning session. You have until Monday, October 10th to complete the survey. Thank you all for all that you do for our students!


Weekly CE Student Attendance Rate -97.13%

PLC This Week

Purposeful Stations (1st grade); Student Failures, Interventions

  • Items to bring to PLC: PLC data binder; student data forms; 1st grade- samples of student stations materials

Site Based Decision Making Committee

Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 4pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

*The meeting will be held in MPR.

Team Leader Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 4pm

10210 C E King Parkway

Houston, TX

We will meet in the front office conference room

Faculty Meeting with Mr. Davis

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 4pm


This meeting is for ALL staff members

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