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Spring 2014

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Use of Spanish-language databases increases through Southwestern Library

One number jumps out when looking at recent database use at SWOCC. Spanish-language databases, the multidisciplinary Fuente Academica and the health database MedicLatina, both tripled in use between 2012 and 2013.

More than 400 searches were conducted on those databases last year.

The databases only are available to SWOCC students, staff and faculty.

Poet Laureate, author, educator, pacificst, father, Oregonian

Kim Stafford, son of poet William Stafford, will speak at North Bend Public Library during this, the centennial anniversary of his father's birth. Mark your calendar for 7 p.m. May 15. It's free of charge.

The statewide Oregon Reads program and the Coos County Title Wave program this year are encouraging everyone to delve into the works of Stafford, one of our state's greatest writers. He was Poet Laureate of the United States, and he published more than 65 works of poetry and prose. Stafford was a conscientious objector during World War II.

Southwestern Library has 22 books by and about William Stafford. Come check them out!

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Research on Reading

Why won't Johnny read?

One set of researchers says college students perform better in class when they do assigned reading, especially when that reading is from scholarly journals.

Yet the compliance with reading required assignments has been steadily declining for the past several decades (Bartlett Gorney, & Herschbach, 2010) . Students avoid reading assignments, and instructors don't enforce the assignments, an article in College Student Journal claims. Why so?

Here's part of the explanation from the article "Resistance to Reading Compliance among College Students: Instructors' Perspectives":

"Clump et al. (2004) have found that approximately 62% of college students feel it is the responsibility of instructors to identify important information from journal articles and relay that information to students. Clump et al. (2004) have also found that many students consider material from journal articles as second-rate information, compared to information provided in instructors' lectures and handouts."

The article on non-compliance with required reading assignments can be found here.


Lei, S. A., Bartlett, K. A., Gorney, S. E., & Herschbach, T. R. (2010). Resistance to Reading Compliance among College Students: Instructors' Perspectives. College Student Journal, 44(2), 219-229.