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December 15, 2014

Class Auction

Our class auction is quickly approaching. We are looking for gently used toys, games, school supplies, etc. to add to our auction. The students will be spending their mini economy money that they've worked all semester to earn. This is a great time to clean out your junk drawers and donate to a fun activity THIS FRIDAY, December 19th!

Hour of Code

This week students participated in the Hour of Code. Below are some programs they learned to code on. Many wanted to do more at home so I am attaching the links for you!

Angry Bird Coding Game: and/or Flappy Bird Create Your Own Game:


We have successfully raised $122.93 to buy our animal. My friend's company has also graciously agreed to match our donation amount so we will be giving $245.86 to buy both a sheep and a pig! Thank you for all your help in this season of giving! You can check out our project on!

Would you like to share about a tradition that your family has? We would love to hear from you! This could include photos, videos, clothing worn, food samples/photos, instruments/music, and much more! Email me if you would like to share and help us to learn about the diverse classroom we are a part of! Anyone is welcome!

Dec. 16 & 17: NWEA Winter Testing (Math and Reading)-- 12:15-1:15

Dec 17: Books and Badges program with Sgt. Tom Weger

Dec. 18: 1st & 2nd grade music concert (beginning at 6:00pm)

Dec. 19: Class Auction and Winter Party--Keep those donations for the auction coming! :)

$1 Hat Day for CRES Scholarship Fund

Star of the Week:

I can't wait to celebrate each one of them and the uniqueness they bring to our class. A folder will be sent home on the Thursday BEFORE your child's week. This has a letter for you and all the information you will need to help them.

December Stars:

15- Mia

January Stars:




Related Arts

Monday: Computer

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer

**Library is every Monday!

What Are We Up To In Room 115?


We will be reviewing fractions this week and focusing on learning how fractions are equivalent.


We are focusing on how to find evidence to defend our opinions. Students are writing papers on the topic they chose and researching during the afternoons to find articles to support their ideas.

Social Studies

Going through Unit 2 of Soc. Studies this week!

Word Work

We will do a BINGO sheet for one more week. I decided to start the new system in January when we return from winter break. More information will be sent then!

Katelyn Nussbaum

As always, feel free to contact me anytime!