Revision for Error Checking

AS computing Error checking

Majority vote

Majority vote is where A set of binary numbers are sent, but each part is sent 3 times, so that when it gets to the other side, When its there each set of 3 it then check, and at each point if their are more ones then it is and one and if it is more zeros then it is a zero.

However this inst very good because:

  • you have to 3 times a much data.
  • if all the bits get muddled up when moving through the network then it might all be wrong.

Parity checking.

When data is sent in binary there are ways to see of their are errors. these are called odd and even parity.

These work by sending data and if it is an odd amount of ones then it will be sent even and if their an even number of ones then a zero will be added to the beginning.

This means that it can detected errors and then resend the data to the computer again.