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Principal's Corner

We were in full swing during our first full week back to school. Students returned to school to some new additions to their classrooms. Below are some of the exciting things happening at Sussex!

Week of January 13th - January 17th

  • January 13th is an E day.

Looking Ahead:

  • January 20th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School is Closed
  • January 23rd- Spirit Day
  • January 24th- School Store

Quote of the Week

This week's quote was ""The best way to get something done is to begin." -Unknown

The quote was provided by Savannah P from Ms. Tuzzeo's class. I could not have picked a better quote for the first week of a brand new year and decade!

Students spend time discussing this quote throughout the week. They discuss what they believe it means, why they believe the person said it. Finally they reflect on these questions and determine how they can apply it to their lives.

The Morris Educational Foundation (MEF) Making Exceptional Education Extraordinary!

Ms. Wolff, a Sussex Avenue School parent and a Morris School District educator, developed a MEF grant because she knows our students and hers would would benefit from having an opportunity to find other types of seating in the classroom. The teachers were tasked with providing a list of various different flexible seating options. Upon their return from the holiday break, the wish lists were filled.

In addition to providing the funds for the grant for Sussex, Alfred Vail, and Normandy Park, the MEF matched the $15,000 and funded the other elementary schools in the district.

Thank you Ms. Wolff and the MEF for your continued support. The children are LOVING their new seating options!

Pocket Sized Bots with Infinite Possibilities!

Ozobots blend the real world with the digital world while teaching the students about programming. The basic form of programming allows students to build pattern sense, while applying basic math concepts such as geometry and measurement. Ms. Kelly's lesson was for students to familiarize themselves with how the Ozobots work by trying 1 of 2 forms of programming. The first form was to try physical programming through drawing with markers by identifying lines and color patterns. In the next lesson, students will program the ozobots online through block coding and see the effects of the online code when applied to the robot on paper in physical form. In addition to the math component, ozobot coding allows for literature and writing. In a near future project, 5th grade students will be writing and programming ozobots to "act out" a fairytale using the Ozobot as the main character. "Although tiny, these robots pack a powerful punch."


Now that the holiday's are over many of us are having visions of Spring and warm weather. Below is our spring testing window to aid in any Spring planning.

Our testing window for the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments Schedule (formally PARCC) will be 4/20/20 - 5/29/20.

Students will have two unit session of ELA (90 minutes for grades 4/5, 75 minutes for grade 3) and three unit sessions (60 minutes each session for all grades) of math. Each unit will be conducted on separate days.

Fifth grade students will also participate in two units of the NJSLA Science Assessment between 5/4/20- 6/5/20.

Exact testing dates will be provided in the upcoming months.

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Below are some excellent resources centered around Social & Emotional learning. The last article is a Parent's Resource Guide to fostering such important skills such as kindness, empathy, gratitude, resilience, perseverance, and focus or attention in our children.
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Meet Ms. Carroll- Instrumental Music

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What do you love about working at Sussex?

My favorite part about Sussex is my Orchestra students I am lucky enough to get to work with. My Sussex Orchestra is enthusiastic, excited to learn, and always so much fun. I am happy to see all of them every E and F day.

What are some of your hobbies/passions?

I love playing my violin, baking, and spending time with my daughter.

Favorite life quotes.

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"- Albus Dumbledore in Chamber of Secrets

Role Models:

Gustavo Dudamel- He is the conductor of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra. He has worked very hard throughout his career to bring outreach programs to kids in Venezuela and Los Angeles so any child that wants to play an instrument is able to. He has created and conducted some of the most amazing youth and professional orchestras and still continues to fight to make sure music is something everyone gets to be a part of.

Meet Mr. Jose Gonzalez- Class III Officer

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National Law Enforcement Officers Appreciation Day

Please join me in thanking Officer Gonzalez for his dedication to the students, staff, and families of the Sussex Avenue School community.
What do you love about working at Sussex?

Interacting with all the children and making them as safe as possible

What are some of your hobbies/passions?

Playing Baseball, Volleyball & Basketball / Love writing

Favorite life quotes.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what everyone said that you couldn't do or achieve.

Role Models

Mom and Dad as well Grandparents

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Nurse's Corner

In addition to the flu, we are seeing cases of strep throat. Know the symptoms of strep throat! If you have a sore throat, wash your hands often and cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. Avoid sharing eating utensils, like forks or cups with others. See your doctor if you have symptoms of strep throat.
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Sussex Avenue Home School Association (HSA) E-Blast!

For this week's HSA e-blast click here.


I am happy to meet with any member of the community! Should you like to discuss questions, concerns, or any matter, please contact Ms. Melissa Johnson at 973-292-2250 ext. 6550 to schedule an appointment.
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